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Mayor Unlimited, your gateway to advanced AI solutions. Pioneering the integration of AI in business to optimize processes and drive innovation. Join us in shaping a smarter, AI-driven future.


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Innovative AI Leadership

At Mayor Unlimited, AI is more than technology; it’s a business revolution. We provide strategic AI insights to redefine your company’s future.

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Milestone Award

Proud winners of the Milestone Award for our innovative software, recognized as a leader in Swiss tourism.

Shark Tank

Featured on Shark Tank, our software solution has garnered attention and acclaim for its cutting-edge capabilities.

Leading Swiss Social Media

Our creation stands as the leading Swiss social media platform, setting new benchmarks in digital connectivity.

Our success stories

Mayor Unlimited's dedication to innovative AI solutions has earned prestigious awards, highlighting our commitment to excellence in turning clients' visions into digital realities.

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Selection of our esteemed clients - partners in success

We empower businesses of all sizes with AI. Our clients experience unparalleled growth and innovation through our partnerships.

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